Halloween Games

By Craig Erickson

A Halloween party can get a little boring if you don’t plan activities for the guests. This is true whether your party is for adults, children or a mixture of both. These Halloween party ideas should liven up the party and give guests a chance to win some fun stuff, if you choose.

Horror Movie Charades

The only thing you will need for this game is a piece of paper and a pen to keep score. This game may be played using teams of up to four people or by individual players. The person or team who has a turn must silently enact a scene from a horror movie. The person or team that first correctly guesses the movie wins a point. Another team or person then gets up and silently enacts a scene from a different horror film and so on. If your Halloween party is geared towards children, you can easily adapt this game by suggesting the children pick a scene from a children’s movie instead. The person or team that gets the most correct answers wins. For incentive, offer a prize of party favors, movie tickets or candy.

Guess the Monster

This game can be played several ways. You will need short recordings of monsters or creepy horror characters from movies speaking a few words. Ideas for films include Dracula, Frankenstein, Friday the 13th, The Shining or any other spooky movies you can find. Give each guest a piece of paper and pencil. Have the guests sit in a dimly lit room for spooky effect and play each recording just once. Allow time for the guests to write down their answers after each one before letting them listen to the next. Each person who guesses all correctly, or whoever gets the most answers correct, gets a prize. For young children who might be too frightened by the monster voices, use characters from animated films, instead.

Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt should be on your list of Halloween games whether your party is for children, adults or whole families. For this, you will need some fun items for your guests to find. For example, you can use a pumpkin, fake body parts, rubber bats or spiders, and other Halloween themed things. You will hide these around your house or yard and give your guests written clues they can use to find the items. The person or group that finds all the items first wins.

Halloween Bowling

Adults and children alike will enjoy this spooky version of bowling. For the bowling balls, use pumpkins, fake severed heads or inflatable balls that have been painted with ghoulish designs and colors. Use either lightweight children’s plastic bowling pins or empty soda bottles for the pins. Set up the bowling alley in your basement, living room or driveway.

Brain Toss

You will need a brain-shaped gelatin mold to make several gelatin brains for this. You should make the brains the day before the party so that they have plenty of time to firm up. For the target, you can either use an old sheet and draw a circle in the middle, or use a bucket placed on the floor or ground. Make a line on the floor or ground with string. The guests must stand behind this line as they toss the brain. For each winning toss, the guest gets a small prize, such as a piece of candy. If you do this indoors, make sure to do it in a room with a washable surface, or place plastic sheeting around the bucket — the splattered gelatin brains get a little messy.

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