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    Balmoral Beach
    Balmoral Beach
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    Overall Rating:
    Venue Name: Balmoral Beach
    Street Address1: The Esplanade
    Street Address2:
    Suburb: Balmoral
    Postcode / Zip: 2088
    Region: New South Wales
    Country: Australia
    Business Days: MON,TUE,WED
    Opening Hours:
    Features & Facilities
    BBQs: Yes
    Kiosk/Cafe: Yes
    Playground: Yes
    Shade: Yes
    Tables: Yes
    Swimming: Yes
    Drinking Water: Yes
    Benches/Seating: Yes
    Parking: Yes
    Beach: Yes
    Park: Yes
    Age Suitability
    0-2 Years, 3-5 Years, 6-9 Years, 10 Years,
    Weather Suitability
    Outdoor Activity: Yes
    Balmoral Beach
    view map
    Balmoral Beach
    view map
    Balmoral Beach
    view map
    Balmoral Beach
    view map
    Balmoral Beach
    view map
    Balmoral Beach
    view map
    Pink Frosting
    Pink Frosting
    A Little Bit of Cheek
    A Little Bit of Cheek
    Balmoral Beach is a stretch of restaurants, beautiful houses and expensive yachts, and a beach that is postioned with views over Sydney Harbour National Park and through "the Heads" - the gateway to Sydney Harbour. It's an ideal place for a quick swim and takeaway fish and chips at sunset. In fact, its the type of beach where you can take your rollerblades, dog, bike, sailboard and football, or just a picnic basket.

    User Reviews on

    Rating By HeyGorgeousKids
    Great beach with lots of facilities. No waves, so safe for younger kids.
    Submited on 04-04-11